Our Services

We believe in providing you with simple and convenient
to Send and Receive your money here in Nepal
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Now the time is changed, you can easily do receive and payment via your mobile from anywhere.

Cash Pickup

Receive cash directly from any of our 7,500+ payout locations reaching to every corner of the nation.

Account Deposit

Deposited your money directly into your bank accounts according to your desire.

Real Time Bank Transfer

Our EXPRESS CREDIT API works automatically, it allows our partners to credit any bank account of a beneficiary customer’s within minutes.

Domestic Remittance

Domestic Money Transfer allows people to transfer money to anyone or deposit to any bank account inside Nepal.

SMS Notification

Our system automatically notifies beneficiary via message instantly oncetheir fund arrives in our system.

Mobile Remit

One can send and receive funds within minutes via our digital wallet partner “Khalti”.

Mobile Wallet Topup

Using Nepal Remit’s International Partner’s Network and domestic network anyone can top up mobile wallets in Nepal.

Partner with Nepal Remit

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